Kundalini Yoga Live with the Mahanrajs

The Mahanrajs (Mahanraj means the Royal Flow of God, i.e. Great Divine Flow) want to be your guides to your own Royal Greatness. Every class with them opens up a deep healing to the sub-conscious and nervous system. Your will experience a glimpse of your Awakening and an incredible increase in vitality and energy!

The Soul of Yoga is home for The Mahanrajs. The center is known for its amazing healing properties, a tangible feeling that is felt by all.

Mahanraj Kaur Kundalini Healing Yoga Classes

Soul of Yoga, Encinitas CA

Saturday Morning 9am
Monday Morning 10:45am
Wednesday Evening 5:30pm

Mahanraj Singh Kundalini Yoga

Soul of Yoga, Encinitas CA

Wednesday Morning 9am
Thursday Evening 7:15pm