Doors Open

“Doors Open Up, things that were on the back burner are ready to be noticed, used and consumed. So what have you been cookin? Looking back to Spring/Summer of 2012 you may have thought this is exactly where you want to be, this is an opportunity of a life time. Hmmm but was there something that wasn’t quite right? Was there something you were ignoring so you could have something you thought…you did not deserve or couldn’t have with out this compromise. And in the, did it deliver or did crumble or come short.

Here is the thing, you are not wrong that you had entered the Zone of your Dharma, it just so happened that when you got that close you got scared and shut your eyes.

If this makes sense so far then good news!!! Your in the Zone again, Don’t shut your eyes, put your Souls Energy on the gas pedal and GO! God is here for you. You will be helped.

Polish your Soul every morning in Sadhana. If you have been feeling like your missing the Mark then I suggest Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, one of the details in this magnificent Kriya is it completely overhauls your personality. For me it gets me to the truth of my being and the outside neurosis completely subsides. This will give you the energy to Make BIG USE OUT OF THE REST OF THIS YEAR! Wahe Guru.” Mahanraj Kaur